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My Story

<p>Client Centered</p>

As I invite my clients to share deeply personal details about themselves and their families, it's now time for me to share my own journey - "My Story".
My earliest recollection of money dates back to when I was just 10 years old. On Friday evenings, my father promptly headed to the bank after receiving his weekly paycheck. I watched him deposit the check and leave most of the funds in their checking/savings accounts. He would take a small amount of cash each week, and upon returning home, he would hand my mother an envelope of cash. Placed atop the bread box, that was her budget for the week, covering groceries and household expenses. With two brothers and a sister, we all understood the envelope was off-limits unless permission was granted by our parents. Witnessing my mother's adeptness in making that money last the entire week left a lasting impression on me.

At the beginning of my academic career, I had aspirations of becoming an elementary education teacher. Although I cherished the idea, exposure to the classroom environment revealed a different calling - a passion for teaching, particularly in finance.

Following the attainment of my MBA, I embarked on my professional career as a financial analyst at Shell Oil Company in Chicago. This experience provided me with a multifaceted understanding of business. Despite climbing the ranks and relocating to the corporate headquarters in Houston, I found myself disenchanted. Supporting the Vice President by preparing reports and presentations didn't ignite the excitement or challenge I sought so I decided to take control of my future.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and eager to leverage the skills honed at Shell Oil, I began exploring opportunities to establish my own venture. American Express Financial Advisors (Ameriprise) presented me with that opportunity. During the interview process, I encountered a video featuring a successful advisor who spoke of aligning his capitalist mindset with a social worker's heart. It resonated deeply with me, affirming my career path. Over 25 years have passed since then, and I continue to uphold a capitalist mindset coupled with a social worker's compassion.

<p>Client Centered</p>

I count my blessings for a fulfilling career and a wonderful family. My wife, Nancy, and I are proud parents to three exceptional adult children. Our eldest, Willem, works alongside me, aiming to forge his own client base in the coming years. Harrison is employed at a financial research firm in New York City, while our youngest, Margot, is pursuing a nursing degree with plans to further her education as a Nurse Practitioner after gaining some experience. We pray we have imparted the values inherited from our parents onto our children.

I thoroughly love what I do, which is assisting my clients in the pursuit of their financial(life) goals. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to make a positive impact not only on my client’s lives but on that of their families as well. My clients are my extended family. I am fortunate that this “family” continues to grow because of the value of the advice I provide.   My hope is that my clients continue to share their positive experiences of working with me with their friends, family, and colleagues so we can continue to help others also feel confident in their financial future.  

<p>My Personal Mission</p>

My Personal Mission

I will improve myself through education in all aspects of my life. I will do so to impact those around me positively. I will be the best husband my wife deserves, the best father my children should expect, and a friend whom true Christianity describes.  I will strive to be the best professional in my field with uncompromising integrity and trust.