Retirement Income Planning

The shift toward retirement income planning presents tremendous challenges.  The five key risks retirees face are as follows:

Longevity – Many people underestimate their life span and risk outliving their assets.

Health Care Expenses – Rising health care costs coupled with inadequate health care coverage can have a devastating impact on a retirement income plan.

Inflation – Inflation increases the future costs of goods and services and may erode the value of assets set aside to meet those costs.

Asset Allocation – Retirees with a portfolio overly concentrated in conservative investments expose themselves to a greater risk of outliving their assets.

Withdrawal Rate – Aggressive withdrawal rates increase the likelihood that retirees will deplete their assets prematurely.

We understand and plan for the impact of the above mentioned risks on a person’s retirement income plan.  We understand withdrawal strategies, tax implications, and regulations regarding asset distribution.  We stay abreast of changes in relevant government programs including Social Security and Medicare.  We help clients understand income strategies, the implications of working in retirement, and managing health care costs.

We help create a well-constructed retirement income plan.